Weddings are great occasions for bringing together all the people, who have played important roles in the life of the bride or the groom at one point or another. On your special day you are going to wear your attire and thus, clicking some silly and cute pics along with your partner and other nearest and dearest ones is not such a bad idea, as it will add much more to the special memories of the big day. Whether you are looking for an austin wedding photographer for your own wedding or you are planning to take the wedding pictures of your friend or family, here are some fresh wedding photography ideas in Austin, TX for poses, themes and shots, that can help you to get innovative wedding photographs.

Ideas for bridesmaids photographs

Make the bridesmaids spell out the word “LOVE” by posing in different ways. Even though this pose has become quite common these days, but, the best part is that, you can always discover newer ways to spell out the word.

Girls like to gossip and giggle with their closest buddies all the times. Consider capturing some moment of innocence while they are having fun, before the groom heads towards the wedding venue for the big moment.

How about capturing the bridesmaids tossing their bouquets? Make the bridesmaids throw their pretty bouquets up in the air, while you take some interesting snaps. You can gather them together and make them toss the bouquets in the mid air. However, make sure that the bouquets do not get damaged or else take this snap after the ceremony gets over. Once you’re finished, cleanup is a breeze if you get something like dumpster rentals Charlotte for after the ceremony.

Line up the bridesmaids behind the bride and let them hold the hand held signs showing how each of them know the bride. This will also include a nice DIY fire damage repair project, so that they all can bond over before the wedding.

Ideas for groomsmen photographs

Start with a simple one, where the handsome groom will be dressed in his full attire leading his whole crew on the way towards the wedding venue.

Getting ready for the big day is no joke. So, make the groom and the groomsmen pose together, while they start getting ready for the grand event.

Guys love to enjoy their drink together. So, make them grab their favorite drink and take snaps, while they enjoy their drink together. You can even consider making them pose in some funny and silly way while they drink.

Photo ideas for the bride and groom together

Make the bride and the groom create a heart with their hands and then make them capture the sun shine through that heart. Consider taking a close-up of the hand and you can also fade the rest of the picture.

One of the essential moments of the wedding ceremony is the first look of the bride. It is a special moment for all the brides and the grooms and it has to be captured in a special manner.

After the ceremony gets over, let the bride and the groom have a kiss, while the bridesmaids and the groomsmen pretends to look away and give them some privacy.